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Kevin John Ventura


JSConf.Asia is a yearly conference about JavaScript, Web, and Mobile. They aim to inform people about what’s going on the tech world, particularly web and mobile in Asia. The two-day conference took place in Manila last November 28-29, 2013. More than 200 participants participated in the conference.

It was a great opportunity for the Mozilla Philippines Community to be part of this year’s conference. The Mozilla Philippines Community prepared a booth to showcase Firefox OS, engage developers and designers, and make new connections and friends for the Mozilla Philippines Community Dev Team.

November 28, 2013

The conference started with a cup of coffee. While participants wait for the formal opening of the conference, the JSConf.Asia prepared a “JS Cafe” wherein participants can go there if they want to drink some coffee and eat some snacks.

Our first booth visitor was Alex Dickson, a JavaScript developer of Atlassian, and also one of the speakers of the JSConf.Asia.

The conference was formally started by Rico Sta. Cruz as host. Then all of the sudden, Thomas Gorissen surprised and welcomed the participants while he is in the aquarium.

Eiji Kitamura was the first speaker of the conference. Notably Before he started his talk, he gave his sympathy and regards to Yolanda victims.

After some series of talks, participants had a chance to socialize with each other and have a break in the “JS Cafe”. Those breaks were the exciting moments as participants visits our booth.

A lot of the participants commonly asked when is Firefox OS going to be officially released in the country and how much would it cost.

As the conference continues, we had a chance to talk and say Hi to John Britton, a fellow Mozillian. He was also one of the speakers during the conference.

While monitoring our booth, Michal Budzynski, Firefox OS Engineer and onGameStart founder, surprisingly visited us. He gave us a lot of new insights about the future of Firefox OS and explained and showcased to us his contributions in Firefox OS.

November 29, 2013

We started our morning with a blast of crowd. A lot of questions were focused on developing for Firefox OS and technical question on how Firefox OS works.

Michal gave his talk about “Once upon a time somewhere between your console & browser”. It was an interesting talk and presentation. His slides were embedded in the game. Conference participants were amazed of his presentation style and talk.

A great feedback and engagement during the Talk of Michal:

Some participants in the conference showcased their drones and participants during event were excited and amazed with the technology.

The conference was truly an amazing experience and engagement for Mozilla / Mozilla Philippines Community. Thanks to these Pinoy Mozillians who gave their best, time, and effort:

Bob Reyes (@bobreyes)

Kevin John Ventura (@kjventura)

Joell Lapitan (@jlapitan)

Kemuel Joseph Domanog (@kidium)

Ryan Ermita (@ryanermita)

Kristian Lugtu (@kristianlugtu)

Aaron Cajes (@aaroncajes)

More picture here.

Conference Slides


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