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November 30 was a busy, multitasking day for the Mozilla Philippines Community! Other than having a booth at the DevCon Summit 2013, we also had an all-girl mini workshop on Firefox OS! In line with the WoMoz goals to get more women into the open web, this event aims to introduce Firefox OS to women developers so they’ll get to know more cool stuff that they can do for the Web.

We started with of course, introducing ourselves! Majority of our participants are students. After a brief introduction of Mozilla and the Philippine community, we moved on to the introduction to Firefox OS. This includes its goals and what it is made of.

We have brought quite a number of Keon devices that they can try their app in!

Afterwards, Aaron talked about more technical details on building an open web app. He talked about resources they can refer to and the tools they can use, including the Web API’s.

The girls testing the Keons

Other than the girl devs, we also have Di, a PR writer who would like to know what Mozilla is up to now with Firefox OS.

After the discussions, the workshop is on!

The venue host, Commune, gave us a sweet treat– a Firefox coffee art!

Our fellow Rep, Joell, will celebrate his birthday the next day and he was surprised with a box of cupcakes!

The participants were given 2 hours to work on a simple app and try it either on the Firefox OS Simulator or on the Keon device. Each team presented their output to everyone.

It was a small meet-up and workshop but we surely had a fun and productive session! The event was a good start on creating Firefox OS events especially for women and we are definitely looking forward to do this again next year!

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