The Mozilla Philippines Community is leading the collective effort to have the first Philippine localized version of the Mozilla Firefox in Tagalog. The initiative is currently spearheaded by Regional Localization Leader Robert “Bob” Reyes.

Mozilla uses a Pootle Server as the software transalation tool. Narro uses a simple, intuitive interface, and extensive checking to ensure the high quality of translations submitted. Translators can dive immediately into Narro and learn to use it along the way, without the need to read the system documentation. Anonymous submissions are accepted, and are still subject for approval as with all submissions.

The Philippine Localization Team is currently in the process of finalizing and approving all of the submitted suggestions to the Tagalog Firefox project. Aside from Tagalog, we also have on-going translation efforts for the following dialects:

  • Bikol
  • Chavacano
  • Iloko

If you’re interested and willing to start a localization of Mozilla products (Firefox, Thunderbird, Support website, etc.) in your locale or dialect, please get in touch with Bob personally via bob@mozillaph.org

Guidelines on Localization:

  • Entries of the region.properties file should NOT be translated
  • Distinguish between translatable & non-translatable strings:
    • If it is a product name, do not translate.
    • Any entries of pure code (e.g. %S), do not translate.
  • Anything that does not fall into the above categories, can be translated. But please to take note that “Windows” when translated to, let say Tagalog, is still “Windows” and NOT “Bintana”


Glossary of Commonly Used Terms:

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