Event Notes: Form Function & Class Web Design Conference 2011

Regnard Raquedan


Last September 10-11, 2011,the Mozilla Philippines Community supported the Philippine Web Designers Organization‘s flagship event– the <form>, function(), & .class(FFC) Web Design Conference.

The Mozilla Reps program was kind enough to send a huge box full of Mozilla swag as giveaways to the events attendees (as seen in this blog post). I think Mozilla and the Mozilla Reps got good exposure in the event, thanks to the focused audience (most were web developers/designers in their mid-20’s).

The event itself was filled with great topics. I gave two opening keynotes (Day 1 and Day 2) which I enjoyed writing. I has been a while since I read a speech I wrote– I’ve been doing mostly extemporaneous talks as of late.

There were lots of learnings, most notably in web standards as Rico Sta. Cruz had a workshop on HTML5 and CSS3. I just wished the attendees were given sufficient time to dabble on a small HTML5 project or CSS3 styling exercise. But other than that, it was web standards FTW.

It was really great that Mozilla is part of the FFC Web Design Conference to remind web designers and developers about the value of the Open Web and Web Standards.

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    Hi just wondering when will be the next conference? Thanks.


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