Mother Knows Best!

Regnard Raquedan


The Mozilla Campus Reps Team, led by Ren-Ren Gabas and Jun Barrun, visited Angelicum College in Quezon City last December to spread the word on the Mozilla Campus Reps program.

Ren-Ren shared this very interesting anecdote on Firefox usage in the Philippines:

One of the most curious comments that we received was from a elementary school-aged girl who lingered about the booth, and told me, “Meron kami niyan sa bahay. Sabi kasi ni mama, mas maganda gamitin ang Firefox.” (“We have Firefox at home, because Mom said that it is better to use.“)

Wow! Proof that mother knows best, huh?

For more information on the Angelicum College visit, hop to Ren-Ren’s blog post. 🙂

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