Mozilla at the AMA Web & IT Summit 2010

Ren² Gabás


On November 24, Mozilla participated at the Web & IT Summit 2010 at the AMA Computer University in Quezon City. This week-long event was attended by both high-school and college-level students from within the AMA System, and some invited schools.

The talk was attended by about 100 college students cramped into the classroom / seminar hall, and was delivered by Jun Barrun and Ren² Gabas. The presentation started with the Five Years of Firefox video. Then we walked them through the Firefox features for its stability, security and speed, as well as add-ons that provide additional functionality based on their usage. Featured add-ons include:

Other Mozilla projects were introduced, such as the Drumbeat and the Filipino localization efforts using Narro.

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  1. regnard wrote on ::

    Great one Ren-Ren


    1. Ren² Gabás wrote on ::

      Jun Barrun was there as well 🙂


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