Mozilla Firefox 4 Event in Cebu

Regnard Raquedan


On the same day the Mozilla Firefox 4 event in Cagayan De Oro was held, the folks from Cebu had their own Mozilla Firefox 4 event.

Organized by Evanjohnn Mendoza, the new local community had a great kick-off with the Firefox 4 event. According to Evanjohnn:

The gathering of Webdevs and bloggers was successful with Ruffy Heredia as our primary speaker talking about Mozilla Firefox 4, its new features and some add ons which are very useful for the bloggers.

The Cebu community’s main objective was to create a community in Cebu for Mozilla Firefox and build an awareness of the new version of Mozilla Firefox. Evanjohnn feels that they established the sense of community and were able to come up with an idea.

The good thing about this event is that it spurred excitement over creating a community in Cebu:

We want to create a small community: The Mozilla Firefox Cebu Community. Ruffy Heredia, an avid user of the Mozilla Firefox browser (and previous versions), is willing to head the community. The objectives of the community is to build small forums, discussions and meet ups so that we can learn more about the different features of the Mozilla Firefox  browser at the same time build a collation of user experience data so that we can learn more what Browser users like to to do.

Wow, isn’t that awesome? Thanks to Firefox 4, there’s a new local community in the Philippines. 🙂

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