Mozilla Firefox 7 with Improved Memory Usage

Eusebio Barrun Jr.


Mozilla Firefox 7 released with a significant reduction of memory usage for faster browsing. In response to users demanding lower memory usage of Firefox, it now uses 20% to 30% less, and sometimes as much as 50% less according to Mozilla Hacks. Expect more memory usage improvements as Mozilla engineers started the effort MemShrink to the stability of Firefox.

I downloaded the latest desktop version on my machine and made some comparison before and after the upgrade, I did notice some improvements in the decrease of memory usage. One thing is the way it handle PDF files that has a blue loading status bar faster than the previous version in terms of page rendering. How was your browsing experience? please leave it in the comments.

This is my first post as the new community manager of Mozilla Philippines and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Regnard Raquedan for serving the community. Also with the guidance of Gen Kanai, Mary Colvig, and William Quiviger of Mozilla. I’m  looking forward to the success of Mozilla Philippines goals and objectives.

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  1. Hewbert Gabon wrote on :

    I used to virtualize Firefox before version 4. Thinapp it with some relevant add-on. I so loved this browser. I influenced all my friends to use Firefox until suddenly disappointed with the release of a buggy FF4. I switched to Chrome. I started to love Google Chrome. Its a lot faster than Firefox. Perhaps the release of FF7, ill try use both browser.


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