The Mozilla Firefox Monument in San Francisco

Robert "Bob" Reyes


At the corner of 2 Harrison and the Embarcadero, the Firefox Monument was erected in front of the San Francisco Mozilla Space. We want all Mozillians to be a part of it. Who cannot be proud that one’s name is etched in this awesome piece of artwork, a testament to the dedication of Mozillians all over the globe.

Listed hereunder are names of Mozilla Philippines Community members, both from the Philippines and living elsewhere in the world (to include honorary members of our community) whose names are in the monument [in no particular order]:

  1. Rose Shane Gil Lopez
  2. Joshua Rubin
  3. Kevin John Ventura
  4. RJ Ian Sevilla
  5. Joan Advincula
  6. Christian Kenneth Mariano
  7. John Paul Paradeza
  8. Robert Reyes
  9. Larissa Co
  10. Kenneth Ace Sungcaya
  11. Aaron Joshua Cajes
  12. Orlando Pasion, Jr.
  13. Eusebio Barrun, Jr.
  14. Grace Jimenez
  15. Rowe Hoffer
  16. Kathleen Joyce Domanog
  17. Theresa Alvarez
  18. Kemuel Joseph Domanog
  19. Shalom Angelo Velarde
  20. Melchor Compendio
  21. Rofus Dela Cruz
  22. Regnard Raquedan
  23. Juned Sonido
  24. Kristian Paul Lugtu
  25. Kristina Divina Verbo
  26. Jyra Bulan
  27. Michelle Santos
  28. Joell Lapitan
  29. JR Galia
  30. William Quiviger
  31. Lawrz Libo-on
  32. Ben Hearsum
  33. Michael Romo
  34. Roland Tanglao
  35. Faye Tandog
  36. Jet Villegas
  37. Erika Aurea Gatmaitan

Inscribe in the panels of the monument are the following words:

“Doing good is part of our code.”

These are the technologists, thinkers and builders, past and present, who help us keep the Internet alive and accessible — a global community dedicated to preserving the power and potential of the world’s largest public resource.

If you want to check if your name or a friend of your’s is in the monument, you may want to check using this tool created by Chris Heilmann.

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