MozillaPH Creatives Team Officially Launched!

Kemuel Joseph Domanog


While touring different schools in the Philippines, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from the participants if they can share their knowledge on the digital arts to the community. Many of them wish to contribute using digital means as they cannot regularly attend events, being residents from remote areas. Due to this, it came to me to form a group for those who want to share their digital creativity! I shared the idea to the community and they advised me to start with a small group of people who share the same passion as I do. So as an advocate of creatives myself I handpicked those who are willing to share their digital arts knowledge who are already part of the Mozilla Philippines Community.

Together Jyra Bulan, Kristian Lugtu, Rofus De La Cruz and I shared our expertise in the digital arts to help the community handle its creative assets such as Facebook banners, event posters,  Open Badges and ID cards for events.

And now, we are confident to formally launch the Mozilla PH Creatives Team after a very successful period of trying it out!

MozillaPH Creatives Team - Alab

Alab needs your help!

Calling all creative minds!

The Mozilla Philippines Community is looking for people with creative juices running through their veins! If you are a Graphic designer/ Illustrator/ Videographer/ Photographer or anything in between interested to learn more and share your skills to a diverse community of people passionate about the open web, you’ll fit perfectly in the Mozilla PH Creatives!

You don’t need to be a professional or an expert to be part of the team. You just need to be a passionate individual willing to allot time for volunteer work.

Simply visit the team’s Facebook group and hit the join button!

See you guys in our team!

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