Open Web Day at the De La Salle

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Mozilla Philippines Community and WikiMedia Philippines, two of the leading free and open source communities in the Philippines, conducted the 2nd Open Web Day last Saturday, March 17, 2012. The event was held at the A1103 lecture room of the Bro. Andrew Gonzalez Hall in the De La Salle University on Taft Avenue, Manila.

The invitations for the 2nd Open Web Day expresses the intention of the event:

Filipino ako.
Firefox ang browser ko, Wikipedia ang ini-edit ko.
Paano tumulong sa Tagalog Firefox?
Paano mag-edit sa Wikipedia?
Alamin at pumunta sa Open Web Day Workshops.

The goals of the seminar-workshop was two-fold. First, it would explain how the attendees can add/edit content on Wikipedia. Among the hot topics of discussion was the method of referencing source material as well as use of other media, such as pictures. Secondly, attendees were exposed to using the Narro translation tool for the efforts of the local community to translate Firefox to Tagalog. The hope was that the Filipino community will help increase the number of successfully-translated strings currently at 22%.

Close to a hundred students and professionals attended the session, mostly from the Greater Manila Area. The event was sponsored by the College of Computer Studies, DLSU Manila.

You can read some posts by the attendees on their blogs:

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