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Regnard Raquedan


I’ve recently written my entry to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010 Writing Project and I nominated a handful of new Mozilla blogs.

The first one is this site, the Mozilla Philippines Community site. I think the writing project is a good place to promote the local activities among the blogging circle and hopefully get the message of the open web to the local audience.

The next website is one of my latest faves. Rock Your Firefox is a blog that features cool and useful Mozilla Firefox add-ons. At the end of every month, the site creates a collection of the add-ons and publishes it on the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons site.

Mozilla Hacks is much more developer-oriented than the previous entries but it’s equally coon nonetheless.  It contains articles and demos of web technologies that may or may not be included in future versions of Firefox or other Mozilla software.

Finally, Mozilla Drumbeat is last Mozilla-related blog I nominated. From the site, it describes itself as “practical projects and local events that gather smart, creative people around big ideas, solving problems and building the open web. ” But simply put, it’s amashup of common activities (art, play, ideas) combined with web geekery. This received pretty good exposure in the 2010 Mozilla Summit and there’s pretty good reason for that.

I hope you find the time to visit and support the newer Mozilla blogs out there. Heck, if you can nominate them, then all the better. 😀

Just a quick note: To nominate the Mozilla sites, you must have a blog and:

  • Write a post with links to the sites you nominate, plus short descriptions. Then include a link to the contest page.
  • After writing the post, the person must go back the contest page and post a comment containing the permalink of your blog post with your nominations.
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