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Mozilla Philippines to attend AMA Web & IT Summit 2010

Ren² Gabás


The AMA Comuputer University will be holding their Web & IT Summit 2010 on November 24-26. The Mozilla Philippines community will be represented by Eusebio Barrun, Jr. and Ren² Gabas. They will speak on the local usage of Mozilla products, some history and the impact of Mozilla on the Open Web, future directions and ways to get Mozilla, join the community and contribute support.… Read the rest Continue reading

Mozilla Philippines Community 2010 Kick-Off

Regnard Raquedan


The Mozilla Philippines Community had a kick-off meeting at the Old Spaghetti House at the UP-Ayala TechnoHub in Diliman and we had a productive meeting. Here are some of the items and ideas that were bounced around:

Special events – We’re evaluating which special activities to support this year, some of the events that popped up were (the names in the parentheses are the point persons):

Software Freedom Day
Joomla Day
Ubuntu Release
Form Function Class

Community-hosted events… Read the rest

Mother Knows Best!

Regnard Raquedan


The Mozilla Campus Reps Team, led by Ren-Ren Gabas and Jun Barrun, visited Angelicum College in Quezon City last December to spread the word on the Mozilla Campus Reps program.
Ren-Ren shared this very interesting anecdote on Firefox usage in the Philippines:
One of the most curious comments that we received was from a elementary school-aged girl who lingered about the booth, and told me, “Meron kami niyan sa bahay. Sabi kasi ni mama, mas maganda gamitin ang Firefox.” (“We… Read the rest