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Mozilla Firefox 4 Event in Cebu

Regnard Raquedan


On the same day the Mozilla Firefox 4 event in Cagayan De Oro was held, the folks from Cebu had their own Mozilla Firefox 4 event.
Organized by Evanjohnn Mendoza, the new local community had a great kick-off with the Firefox 4 event. According to Evanjohnn:
The gathering of Webdevs and bloggers was successful with Ruffy Heredia as our primary speaker talking about Mozilla Firefox 4, its new features and some add ons which are very useful for the bloggers.… Read the rest

Mozilla Philippines Community Update (August 2010)

Regnard Raquedan


After the successful meet-up a few weeks ago (where we saw the very first Mozilla Firefox Pizza), it’s time to share some of the key points of the community meeting:

The Mozilla Philippines Community will be at the upcoming Philippine Youth Congress for Information Technology (or Y4IT Conference) this September. I’ll be having a speaking slot at September 16, 2010 and I’ll be talking about Open Web Technologies. Mozilla is also going to be one of the sponsors of the… Read the rest

Mozilla Philippines Community 2010 Kick-Off

Regnard Raquedan


The Mozilla Philippines Community had a kick-off meeting at the Old Spaghetti House at the UP-Ayala TechnoHub in Diliman and we had a productive meeting. Here are some of the items and ideas that were bounced around:

Special events – We’re evaluating which special activities to support this year, some of the events that popped up were (the names in the parentheses are the point persons):

Software Freedom Day
Joomla Day
Ubuntu Release
Form Function Class

Community-hosted events… Read the rest

Join the Mozilla Philippines Community Mailing List!

Regnard Raquedan


After the success of the Five Years of Firefox in Manila! event last month, I’d like to keep the momentum and invite Mozilla Firefox fans in the Philippines to join the official mailing list for the Mozilla Philippines Community.
The mailing list was created by Mozilla’s Gen Kanai (Director of Asia Business Development) and the list is for discussion of Firefox and Mozilla technologies in the Philippines.  The list also aims to be the communication hub for localization and compatibility issues… Read the rest