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  1. jlapitan wrote on ::

    can the members of the community or campus reps have an email account with @mozillaphilippines.org ? and then be powered by google mail using google apps.. im willing to setup the domain with google apps.. hehe..


    1. Regnard Raquedan wrote on :

      The mail hasn’t been configured yet, but we can work on that. 🙂


  2. jlapitan wrote on ::

    ah okay.. just send me a message when to setup the email using google apps.. hehe..


  3. ebarrun wrote on :

    ok yan. for branding ng mozilla philippines \m/


  4. Reiner wrote on :

    Joel, this is Reiner. I already finished my application at spreadfirefox.com. What step i need to do to become a campusrep. Hit me up through my email. reinerasuncion@calamba.sti.edu


  5. Regnard Raquedan wrote on :

    Hi Reiner!

    Please email Ren-Ren Gabas or Joelle Lapitan for more info. 🙂


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