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In line with the women’s month, the Mozilla Philippines Community held a series of all-girl events to celebrate the contribution of women to the open web. Our first installment was WoMoz Firefox OS Workshop! In this workshop we aimed to introduce Firefox OS to women developers and web enthusiasts. We showed them how easy it is to understand and how they can make their own app by just following a few instructions. The event was held at Palet Express in Makati City.

We started by introducing Mozilla and what our local community does in the Philippines. Mozilla Rep Bob Reyes talked about Mozilla’s mission and some facts about the Mozilla Philippines Community.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopI then introduced the Women and Mozilla initiative that aims to empower women in technology especially in open source projects. Afterwards, I introduced Firefox OS emphasizing how easy it is to understand, the same way I did even though I am not a web developer.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopI discussed what makes up Firefox OS, how it works and the basic tools they need to get started. It was elaborated by the Firefox OS Internals talk of fellow Mozilla Rep, Aaron.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopAaron discussed the web developer tools they can use with Firefox, the classification of Firefox OS apps and Web APIs.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopFirefox Student Ambassador Tina Verbo continued to discuss the Firefox Marketplace.

After the talks, Mozilla PH community members assisted the participants in setting up the Firefox OS simulator in their laptops.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopDue to problems with the Internet connection, we were not able to have much time for the apps hacking. We helped the participants get started and encouraged them to continue working on their apps at home and submit it to the Marketplace.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopGirl members of the UST Firefox Club working on their app.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopMozilla Rep Ryan Ermita answering the questions of the participants.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopFirefox Student Ambassador Rjay Oboza assisting the participants in setting up the Firefox OS Simulator.

WoMoz Firefox OS WorkshopWoMoz Firefox OS Workshop

Thank you to all our attendees in this Firefox OS Workshop for women! Hope to see you again next time!

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